Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Open your eyes, oh brother
I wish to see your iris' color
and touch your face
and feel how ours are the same'

I know they hold your body oh so steady
while you lay oh so still

I know it's on your heart to see your loved ones
and God provide, I hope to see you too
So open your eyes and come up off that bed
and out of the room that binds you in solitude
I know that in either heaven or on earth
You'll walk again! You'll walk again!

Know that I do not fear for you
Your name is engrained in heaven's tablet
And if you never see the sun again
The Son you'll see will take you in

When all the bones in your body are aligned again
When the cheeks on your face reveal the smile I could never forget
We'll raise our glasses and give thanks for what we're given
We will both leave this world behind
We will go home, go when we die
But brother if you don't open your eyes
You may go home much sooner than I

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am thinking about writing an ep, and possibly calling it "pathos." Here's something one would find there:

I made a wooden heart
and painted it all your favorite colors
then replaced it with my own
but it was never what you wanted
and it never felt like home

Then everything I used to love was bound and locked away
and I did my best to ensure never seeing it again
But I have eyes that wander
You wouldn't have me at my best
and all of the words you said they haunt my dreams
they fill my head
You wouldn't open up your heart
and I prayed to God, "what is this for?"
and "will this door ever be opened?"

I made a wooden ship
and sailed it through many stormy waters
trying to find a place called home
but there were holes in the bottom 
and you never told me they were there

Then everything I used to love slowly slipped away
and sank to the bottom of the sea in a crevice dark and deep
I'm too afraid to save them

I swear you let me sink
You turned your cheek to the sound
of my cries and my pleas
begging, "oh, come save me, all I want is you!"
but you wouldn't have me at my best
and I tried to pass a test that was never there
the things I made were all in vein
you never cared

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Lately I have been searching for a definition of "musicianship." Being a musician myself it's a subject that interests me, and I think about often. The problem with thoroughly defining 'musician'  is that every "musician" is drastically different. When I say 'define' I mean something beyond saying, "oh he owns an instrument." For a while I was looking at it something like this:
Music is a theory, so then a true musician studies the theory, and essentially is a theorist.
                    Music = theory
                    Musician = one who is skilled in music
Deductive reasoning would suggest that a musician is one who is skilled in the theory, which makes sense, right? I love to study musical theory, so I definitely fit into this grouping. The problem is that this disqualifies a lot of people from being musicians. I know lots of people that make great sounding music without understanding the theory behind it.

So you can make great music without knowing what you're doing. We call that "playing by ear." The problem with playing by ear is that it really limits your potential when playing with other musicians. If you don't know what they're doing it's difficult to collaborate with them, especially if you're just jamming, or playing ad lib.

So, you can be a musician without even knowing theory, but you would most likely be a better musician if you knew what you were doing(this helps you communicate it more efficiently also).
I recently realized that I was actually defining what a 'good' musician was, not actually 'musician' itself. I think that the title of musician comes with the intentions and accomplishments behind the skill. How good you are is a separate issue. I think that being a musician means that you use the music you make. I think that a good musician understands the music he makes.

But really it all comes down to this:
I needed to something to write about so that I could publish a Tuesday blog.